JUST OFF THE ROAD: Images by Bill Stekelberg

I call my website "Just Off the Road" because my hiking abilities are limited due to age and health related conditions. Almost all of my photos are taken near a road or parking lot. A few have required a short (less than a half mile) walk. My beautiful wife and inspiration, Ann, and I travel as much as we can and I love taking and processing pictures. My favorite subjects are landscapes, wildlife, and flowers. Ann takes my photo prints and makes lovely notecards, which she gives to friends and relatives. She has also given hundreds of framed photos to residents of nursing homes. Each month, Ann donates an average of one hundred note cards to an organization that sends them to our troops overseas to be used to write letters home.
My interest in photography goes back to my childhood when I had an Ansco Panda camera (see inset photo when I was about 10 years old). In high school I was the school newspaper photographer and I used a Speed Graphic camera. Since I retired, I ressurected my interest in photography and I now shoot thousands of pictures each year. I have included many of my favorites here.
Currently, I am a member of the Livermore Valley Camera Club, the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C), and the Photographic Society of America. My favorite photographers include Galen Rowell, Jack Dykinga, Guy Tal, David Meunch, and (of course) Ansel Adams.